Mariner East 2 pipeline has had a disastrous effect on our communities. This particular pipeline is carrying extremely dangerous materials (NGLs) that are shipped across the ocean and ultimately made to use plastic. The sink holes, the contaminated water– it’s simply unacceptable. I certainly stand with the southeastern legislators who call for a moratorium on pipeline activity until a safety plan is in place to protect our homeowners, children, and senior citizens.

But that is really just the start. As a policy person, I’m very concerned about the regulatory loopholes that allowed this to occur in the first place. This has serious implications for everyone throughout the state, not just along this pipeline. I will advocate to reform the permitting process at the state level. I will work with the DEP, Public Utilities Commission, Unions, and the company itself to increase communication with the public. I will stand up for what is right and speak the truth about the enormity of this problem in our communities - and work together to find solutions.


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