Strong Communities

Balanced Approach to Growth


We live in prosperous communities in the 168th. But they are growing and evolving - and going through growing pains. In fact, the main issue that negatively impacts residents are issues around development and growth. From town center popping up in Newtown Square, to the development at Granite Run and all up and down Rt.1, to keeping State Street vibrant in Media- we need to balance economic development with open and green space.


There is a role for the state to play in terms of grants, technical assistance, and the regulatory environment. We need someone who can step in on day one to be an effective partner to the local municipalities in the 168th District.

Good Government

Government should work for all people by being transparent, accountable, and responsible. I’ve worked in federal and local government in roles that were designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government programs. As a former budget analyst managing a 300 million dollar program, I understand the budgeting process and the importance of fiscal responsibility in Harrisburg.

In addition, I believe in a transparent and accountable government, and I support an  independent commission for redistricting as well as campaign finance reform. I’ll fight to ensure that every vote counts and every voice is heard in PA.


Mariner East 2 pipeline has had a disastrous effect on our communities. This particular pipeline is carrying extremely dangerous materials (NGLs) that are shipped across the ocean and ultimately made to use plastic. The sinkholes, the contaminated water – it’s simply unacceptable.

I certainly stand with the southeastern legislators who call for a moratorium on pipeline activity until a safety plan is in place to protect our homeowners, children, and senior citizens. 
But that is really just the start. As a policy person, I’m very concerned about the regulatory loopholes that allowed this to occur in the first place. This has serious implications for everyone throughout the state, not just along this pipeline.

I will advocate to reform the permitting process at the state level. I will work with the DEP, Public Utilities Commission, Unions, and the company itself to increase communication with the public. I will stand up for what is right and speak the truth about the enormity of this problem in our communities - and work together to find solutions.



I believe that climate change is real and that man’s behavior and actions affect our environment. Therefore, we have a responsibility to do better.  PA is one of 24 states to join the US Climate Alliance – in response to Pres. Trump withdrawl from the Paris Agreement. Governor Wolf needs partners in Harrisburg to help push environmental friendly policy, such as:

  • State-level incentives for electric vehicle sales and charging stations installation

  • Incentivizing LEED certification to increase the energy efficiency of buildings

  • Coordinating municipal and county efforts to protect open space, which is particularly important with development continuing to encroach on large portions of our district 

  • Better funding  the state’s public awareness campaign about what we can do as individuals that will have a collective impact

Strong Families

Quality Early Education for All

PA is at the bottom of states across the country, ranking 48th out of 50 in public education per student. And the inequity between school districts is appalling. As a state, we need to properly invest in education - in a way that does not put undue burden on the local property tax base.


I am also passionate about fighting for full day kindergarten for every child in Pennsylvania. It is both a human rights issue and an economic issue. Every child, no matter their families ability to pay for after school care, should start off on the right foot. And if we want to be a state that can attract 21st century businesses, we need to have an educated and trained workforce. The pipeline for workforce development starts with a quality early education.


Everyone should have access to quality affordable healthcare. Families shouldn’t have to choose between taking their kids to the doctor and paying their electric bill. Senior citizens should not have to choose between buying food and taking their medication. All too often, that is the case.


Probably like many of you, the cost of healthcare is affecting my family deeply right now. I will do anything I can to help bring down the cost of prescription drugs for all Pennsylvania families.

Military Families

Delaware County is a military friendly place. From museums to memorials, to veteran flags lining our main streets. It’s great to honor current and past veterans - but we need to do more. As a military family, we’ve personally dealt with the struggles of the bureaucracy. I will work hard to help veterans and military families access the benefits they’ve rightfully earned.

Common Sense Gun Laws

Strong communities are safe communities. As a veteran household, we have a gun in our home that’s safely under biometric lock. I understand the importance of protecting the rights of responsible gun owners, but there are several measures that are common sense laws that are simply the right thing to do.


First, let’s pass red flag laws that would allow the courts to temporarily remove a firearm from those who could be a danger to themselves or others. Secondly, we should implement universal background checks that close the loophole on private sales. Finally, we must ban assault weapons. Let’s be clear: weapons of war have no place on our streets and in our homes. 


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