"As an experienced public servant, I want to fight for ALL our families and communities in Harrisburg"

As a black female growing up in the suburbs, I often felt like a child of two worlds. I’ve seen the haves and have nots and strongly feel that zip code should not determine one’s opportunity in life. As a result, I have a passion for building prosperous and sustainable communities; one that doesn’t leave any group behind.   


We are blessed to live in thriving communities in the 168th district-  places where families and businesses want to move to and call home.  But our communities are growing and evolving.  How can we attract the right mix of small businesses and restaurants to our main streets and shopping centers? How will we  preserve open and green space for the next generation? How do we keep our schools and communities safe?  How do we ensure a high quality of life for everyone? 


There is no one size fits all solution- what works in Media will not work in Newtown Square or Thornbury. Every municipality is unique. It takes leadership, vision, and the ability to set state policy around local community goals.  

We are at a critical time in the life of our country. A pivotal point.  Somewhere along the line we have devalued government experience, accountability to the public, and compassionate public service. Somewhere down the line governing by tweet has become our norm. It’s absolutely ridiculous - and it’s dangerous. 


We need public servants that are there to meet the needs of their constituents. We need leaders who are willing to be a voice for the vulnerable among us and not their own selfish interests. We need those who have experience with policy and making government work for the people. 

I believe my professional and personal experiences have given me that unique edge to be an effective leader in Harrisburg.  It would be an honor to represent your voice in the state capitol.  It would be my privilege to fight for families in the 168th District.  Together, we can build prosperous and sustainable communities - ones that we can proudly leave for the next generation. 


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